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Android Device Repair | Phone Clinic

You love your Android smartphone and take it everywhere with you. You rely on it for everything from answering work emails to playing games while you’re waiting in line. So when it breaks, you need it fixed right and fixed fast.

Phone Repair Done Right

Whether you have dropped your Android phone in water, cracked the screen, or are having problems with the charger, bring it Phone Clinic. Our highly trained smartphone repair technicians will repair or replace any damaged parts on your Android device and make sure everything is working properly.

We do all our repairs in our store, which keeps the prices down and means you get your Android phone repaired faster. Most repairs can even be done while you wait.

Phone Clinic provides fast service using quality replacement parts to keep Android Device operating and keeping you connected! We repair cracked LCD glass screens, broken charging ports, back glass & even water damage.

Water damage | Phone Clinic

Water damage

We use special equipment to remove water from all crevices of your device.
Cracked LCD screen | Phone Clinic

Cracked LCD screen

Let us replace your broken, cracked, or damaged LCD screens and digitizer boards with quality parts.
Battery replacement | Phone Clinic

Battery replacement

Use your mobile device longer with a battery replacement.
Buttons, Charging port | Phone Clinic

Buttons, Charging Ports

We can repair your damaged volume buttons, power buttons and CHARGING PORTS.
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